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Euphorium Bakery


To reposition and refresh a niche bakery group brand. To liaise with an architectural / interior designer.​



Consultation was carried out and the new strapline “the best of British baking” was created to reposition the bakery group as a British Baker. The word “bakery” was added to the logotype as the single word euphorium was too ambiguous. This resulted in a remodelled logo. To go along with the new “best of British theme”. The client was advised to use quotes from British poets, such as Lewis Carroll’s “A loaf of Bread the Walrus Said”. 


Worked alongside the interior designer for the furnishing of the interior of the bakery, all memorabilia and bric-a-brac followed the British theme.


As well as this, my involvement was to create a new colour palette for the interior and exterior and to design the wheat wall, along with the signage and coffee cups.

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